About Kelly

Kelly has maintained a love for natural birth since attending her first birth in 1996 and is continually inspired by the families she works with.

With over 5 years of professional experience and having attended over 70 births, Kelly has an exceptional depth of experience . Kelly's training in CranioSacral Therapy, Aroma Therapy, Flower Remedies, Herbs, Nutrition, and Muscle Response Testing deeply enhance her abilities to support women and their families throughout the child bearing year.

What We Do

As a Holistic Labor Companion, Kelly provides continuous, holistic, labor support, utilizing her skills in Aromatherapy, Flower Remedies, Herbs, Nutrition, and Muscle Response Testing to support families during the child bearing year.

In 2014 Kelly began working as a CranioSacral Therapist and is thrilled to be offering this therapy to her clients and their families!

From The Blog

CranioSacral Therapy Podcast
April 16 2015 by Kelly O'Brien Pahman

Last month I was interviewed on LUX CHIX Radio Show by Nicole Zaagman. Its a bit about my work with CranioSacral Therapy. Enjoy the listen!

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